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In the early part of the century in the States, most all Baptists were spoken of as 'United Baptists'
J.H.Grime - History of the Middle Tennessee Baptists (1902)

                   Hello and welcome to the United Baptist research website. This site is dedicated to the study of the United Baptist movement, and its impact on our world throughout history. The website may look a little different than a few years ago, but most of the content is still the same. Take a look around and feel free to share any information you may have on the United Baptists.

What is the United Baptist?

The history of the United Baptists was the union of the Regular Baptists and Separate Baptists in the late 1780s to 1800s, and includes those churches that have continued in the same faith. Both Kentucky and Virginia established a general union of the United Baptists.  Virginia was the first state to officially form a union in 1787 while Kentucky's union was finalized in 1801. Although North Carolina started uniting Regular and Separate Baptists as early as Aug. 1777, they didn't take the name "United" upon their churches until the Kehukee Association did in 1788.

"To prevent the Confession of Faith from usurping a tyrannical power over the consciences of any, we do not mean that every person is bound to the strict observance of every thing therein contained; yet that it holds forth the essential truths of the gospel, and that the doctrine of salvation by Christ, and free and unmerited grace alone ought to be believed by every Christian, and maintained by every minister of the gospel. Upon these terms we are united and desire hereafter that the name of Regular and Separate be buried in oblivion, and that from henceforth we shall be known by the name of the UNITED BAPTIST CHURCHES IN VIRGINIA."

This is the first printed statement that declares the union between Regular and Separate Baptists has become, in fact, United Baptist. The Virginia Confession of Faith has been held to by many associations. In the first line of the statement, you'll notice that there was a "conflict" with the confession of faith. This conflict kept the two denominations from joining together earlier. The Separate Baptists did not want a confession or articles of faith ruling over them.

Things to Keep in Mind

Look at the name of the church.  The "Original" United Baptists went by "United Baptist Church of Christ", which some still do. There are also some that go by "United Baptist Church of Jesus Christ".

These United Baptists are found in the United States only, not in Canada nor in any other country. The United Baptists are generally found in KY, WV, TN OH, IN, MO, and some surrounding states. United Baptists share common ground with and are closer to Old Regular Baptists, Primitive Baptists, and Old Time Missionary Baptists* in faith and practice than with any other Baptist affiliation.

* - There may be other Baptists that fall in line with "Old Baptists" and are not omitted on purpose.

Name Variations

You will find in this research that I've included variations of United Baptists:

Regular United, United Missionary, United Regular, United Baptists of the Primitive Faith and Order," etc

The distinctions carry with them the history of said association(s) and their stance(s) on certain beliefs, be it doctrine or missions. I still consider them a part of the United Baptist history.