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United Baptist Sermons (MP3 format)

This section is dedicated to sermons preached by United Baptist ministers. The sermons are in mp3 format for flexibility and are for download so they can be shared by all. Keep in mind the quality of these files. Some of these sermons were preached over 30 years ago and are ripped off of old cassettes.

In Internet Explorer, you can click on the file and play it in your default media player or you can right mouse click and choose "Save Link Target As" and save the file to your computer. Firefox or Chrome will give you a choice to open or save the file.

Remember:  These files are not small.

Ola and Adam Hays
Revival preached at South Center United Baptist Church (late 70s/ early 80s).
Ola pt 1 (3.8 MB) Ola pt 2 (11.4 MB),  Adam (15.9 MB)

Roscoe Turner
Pastored South Center United Baptist Church from the mid 70s to early 90s. Sermon from 11-15-81.
Turner pt 1 (13.7MB) Turner pt 2 (20 MB)

Wile Wireman
One of many revival services preached at South Center. 10-13-81.
Wireman (9.34 MB)

Association Minutes (pdf format)

We are now posting minutes that have been scanned for download. We're thankful to all those that took the time to archive these minutes for a historical record. From the early churches and associations to todays congregations, our goal is to continue collecting minutes and posting them for everyone to use.

Songs of Zion

Songs from the Indian Bottom Association of Old Regular Baptists

Some of the songs on this page are "lined-out".  This means a line of a song is sung first by a precentor and then repeated by the congregation.  Lining out songs is an old tradition, the oldest style of religious acapella singing in the United States.  This is what worship singing sounded like in the early United Baptist churches, and these songs are still sung today in some of them.

Lined-out Songs by the White Family

This was recorded in January of 2005.  My family got together at South Center United Baptist Church for our annual family dinner and I was able to convince them to sing some of the old songs that they normally sing in church. Most of the songs are sung out of The New Baptist Song Book. Another book sometimes used is called Some Of Our Favorite Songs.

And Must This Body Die?
led by Joseph White

Bold Soldiers All, On You I Call
led by Burl White

Farewell Farewell To All Below
led by Matthew White

Gabriel's Trumpet

led by Joseph White

I Am A Little Scholar
led by Joseph White

It Will Open Wide

led by Joseph White

Jerusalem My Happy Home
led by John Noble

Salvation, Oh The Name I Love
led by Joseph White

When My Feet Touch The Streets of Gold
led by John Noble

Will Mother Know Me There?
led by Joseph White